Are Your Windows Smudged or Dirty?

Make them shine with window cleaning services in Bluffton, SC

Windows can go a long way toward increasing the visual appeal of your home. But if they're dirty, you'll find yourself covering them up instead of welcoming the view. Horton Property Services can make your windows look as good as new with window cleaning services in Bluffton, SC.

Our crew will...

  • Remove and clean window screens
  • Clean window tracks
  • Scrub the glass thoroughly

We'll carefully remove built-up dirt and grime from your windows without scratching or damaging them. Arrange for professional window cleaning in Bluffton, South Carolina today.

We can take care of the toughest dirt

We can take care of the toughest dirt

If you've recently finished a new construction project or your windows have a lot of built-up dirt and debris, a typical window scrubber might not get the job done. Horton Property Services will use a razor blade to scrape stubborn debris from your windows. We'll lubricate your windows and apply the razor at the proper angle to prevent scratches.

Call 843-226-0843 to hire a skilled window scrubber in Bluffton, South Carolina.